The Family

Why call it "il Pino" (the Pinetree),
when it is surrounded by larch trees?

Finding a name for our B&B was not easy.
I wanted to name the B&B after my parents, as they made this dream come true. One night I looked up at the sky and asked for inspiration, the morning after I found the perfect name...

Pino was my dad’s nickname. His real name was Giuseppe Vanini, born and bred in the mountains of Devero. A man of few words and many actions.

He grew up and in poverty and worked really hard to give us a comfortable life. Thanks to all he sacrificed, we could make our house into a B&B to welcome everyone who loves the mountains and living in nature and simplicity.

I also want to remember my mother Pia, always smiling and so hard working, ready to help anyone who needed it.

I remember her picking blueberries or collecting logs, going fishing or taking long walks at sunset on the Devero plain.

It’s thanks to them that Il Pino B&B was born and there will be a pinetree near the house among the larches.

«This is what we know: that the land does not belong to the man, it is the man that belongs to the land. Everything is connected, like the blood that runs through a family. It is not the man that weaves life, he is only one of its threads» - Chief Seattle

Stefania, Alessandro e Nadia